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  • Walnut Writing Box

    My client came in with the bits for a walnut writing box that had some sentimental value.  It was in very poor condition. Most of the inside partitions were there along with the panel for the secret drawers and the catch that releases it. There were only two of the three secret drawers and no […]
  • Art Deco tub chairs

    My client was a fan of art deco furniture and managed to acquire a set of four tub chairs. They were in however quite poor condition. In particular they had been upholstered over the show wood around the side of the seats.  The old upholstery was carefully removed.  All the old staples and tacks were […]
  • Oak Coffer at Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch, East with West Wellow

    I was contacted by the Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch, East with West Wellow about an old oak coffer that had been used for many years to store the flower arranging paraphernalia. The back and base had become detached and it was no longer stable. Upon inspection it was found to have suffered […]
  • Oak Floor

    The clients had a modern oak floor laid into an old building and required an aged look.  The floor was sanded to ensure a clean surface and then finished with  hardwax oils.
  • Japanese Ivory Figures

    With a broken umbrella and discarded flowers these figures required some delicate repair.  The old umbrella shaft was carefully drilled out from the ladies hands and a new one made from ivory.  The umbrella was then jointed into the umbrella.  The flowers were reconstructed and then refitted into the hands of the figure.
  • Dutch Marquetry Armchair

    This lovely armchair had been stored in a garage for many years before being brought in to me for restoration. The old upholstery was removed to discover evidence of old woodworm damage. This had weakened the left rail and destroyed the tenon joints. The front rail and legs were also detached. The surface finish was […]
  • Leather armchair

    This chair had a damaged and perished surface finish that was stripped and then re-polished.  The old leather upholstery was removed and it was then re-upholstered in a leather that was perhaps more in keeping with the chair!
  • Windsor Chair – New Arm

    The chair had a broken arm which was removed, a new one dimensioned and shaped and then fitted.
  • Pembroke Table

    The table was in very poor condition with structural problems and a missing handle.  The photographs show some of the extesnive damage to the legs, rule joint and drawer runners.
  • Card table

    A satinwood card table that required new baize to be fitted.
  • Hammond C3 organ

    This had been damaged and required remedial restoration work the case as well as anew back board fitting.
  • Cane chair with upholstered sprung cushion

    This chair had been inherited by the client and was in very poor condition.  The surface finish was in a perished condition with the cane back damaged and the cushion almost threadbare. The old cane work was removed and the surface finish stripped. Some repairs were then made to the frame before refinishing it in […]
  • Oak gate

    A slightly unusual request. A client required a rather old and tired gate to be replaced.  The old gate had started to collapse through rot.  A new gate was made in oak and oiled for protection from the elements. It was then fitted in situ.
  • Ercol dining chairs

    These were in very poor condition with the original finish worn away,  scratches and dents and old flecks of paint. They were stripped and then refinished to look brand new again.
  • Walnut card table – replacement baize

    This walnut card table required restoration and part of this necessitated the replacement of the old and damaged baize.  I only use high quality baize and this can be obtained in a wide selection of colours.
  • Desk

    This desk had an old finish on it that was very dark, worn and perished. This was stripped off and the wood prepared or refinishing. It was then refinished so that the wood had a more natural and aged look.
  • Victorian Upholstered Nursing chair

    This chair was presented to me with a loose frame. It was clear that the tenon joints had failed and that it would be necessary to remove te old upholstery to establish the extent of the problem and to remedy it.  On removing the upholstery the chair was found to have live woodworm that had […]
  • Oak table top

    This table top had a thick lacquered finish on the top that was badly damaged. It was stripped and then refinished in a hardwax oil to provide a lighter look and a hard wearing finish.
  • Oak footstool

    A straightforward job but one which updated a very tired looking footstool.  The old rush was removed and the tired and perished surface finish stripped away.  It was then refinished to a deep satin finish and upholstered in a fabric.
  • Satinwood Card Table

    I was contacted about a card table with some water damage. When it arrived I found it had been badly restored before and was in a terrible condition.  Most of the satinwood veneer had been sanded away with odd repairs having been made.  The rosewood crossbanding had been sanded until it had turned black.  The […]
  • Victorian Mahogany Dining table

    This table was in a restaurant and the owners required it be be refurbished. On stripping off the old surface (what was left of it!) I found each side of the table to be constructed from two panels. Both were different shades of mahogany. As there was a budget the best option was to refinish […]
  • Oak Dresser

    This mid 20th century oak dresser had been finished in a very dark lacquer underneath which the wood had been stained black. The old lacquer finish was removed and the surface sanded to remove as much of the old stain as possible. it was then refinished in a hardwax oil satin finish.  The handles were […]
  • Chair to be caned

    This delightful chair had been caned but that was damaged and the client required it to be re-caned. The surface finish was however very poor and it was decided to strip that off and to refinish it. The result looked great and it was then sent off for the caning.
  • Mahogany Batchelor’s Chest

    The top of this chest of drawers was considerably damaged and the client required the veneers to be replaced. It had also been refinished previously with a very dark polish and much of the excellent veneers could not be seen.  The existing surface was removed by hand and polished before a final wax.
  • Walnut Upright Piano

    This piano had a deep indentation on the keyboard cover along with a generally poor surface finish that showed signs of perishing and water damage. It was stripped, the indention repaired and the hand polished to a gloss finish.
  • Set of 8 Oak Dining chairs

    This set of solid oak dining chairs were presented with a perished surface finish that looked grey and tired.  They were stripped and the surface prepared for finishing.  They were then finished with hardwax oil to a satin finish.  This created a rich and vibrant finish that highlighted the figuring and grain in the oak.
  • Writing Box leathers

    New tooled leathers can be cut and fitted into writing boxes.  The internal fittings such as the ink bottles can be replaced.
  • Hall Desk

    I was presented with a piece of furniture that was being used as a hall desk but was in fact a converted dressing table. The surface finish was perished and badly damaged and it was stripped and the refinished with a hardwax oil to a satin finish. It completely rejuvenated the desk and the client […]
  • Reproduction Regency style chair

    This chair had a detached back leg.  It was reinstated and made good.
  • Painted Wardrobe

    Here the client had a pine wardrobe that had been painted white sometime ago and was looking rather tired. A new look was required that showed off the pine.  The paint, which had various layers, was stripped off. It was then sanded and as much of the residue was removed and then stained and finished […]

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