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  • Corner chair

    Complete restoration with new polish and upholstery. A completely transformed chair.
  • Pair of dining chairs

    Te old polish on the chairs was stripped off and then french polished. The seats were re-upholstered.
  • Cane chair

    The chair was in poor condition with a perishe and damed finish on the wood, a broken and fragile cane back and old fabric on the cushion. The old cane was stripped off and the lacquer on the frame removed. The chair was then refinished. The back was caned and the cushion was refurbished with […]
  • Set of baloon back chairs restored

    A set of baloon back chairs that had not been used for some time and in storage. They required all the joints gluing up, theold polish removed and new french polish and then the seats upholstered.
  • Ercol chairs – restored and upholstered

    A pair of Ercol chairs fitted with new webbing, stripped and refinished and with new cushions.
  • Dining chair – Broken back slat and upholstery

    This chair had missing sections of the back splat and old upholstery that was badly worn. New shaped sections of the back splat were made and fitted and the seat was removed and upholstered with fresh top cover.
  • Chaise

    The chaise was in very poor condition. The frame was falling apart, the cushions were old or missing and the surface finish perished and badly damaged. The old upholstery was removed, the frame was repaired and consolidated, the surface stripped and refinished and then re-upholstered. As it was to be used as an occasional bed […]
  • Swivel office chair

    An old and worn swivel chair was completely transformed with new upholstery and a snazzy new top cover.
  • Pair of upholstered chairs

    These chairs had greats sentimental value to the client but the upholstery was old and worn and the client required them to be updated. The existing upholstery was removed, the frame stripped and refinished and the chair was then upholstered in white leather with matching piping.
  • Balloon back chairs restored and upholstered

    A set of balloon back chairs had been left to the client but were in very poor condition. The polish has perished along with the leather upholstery. All the joints were consolidated, the surface stripped and refinished and then the chairs were upholstered in leather with decorative stud edging.
  • Art Deco tub chairs

    My client was a fan of art deco furniture and managed to acquire a set of four tub chairs. They were in however quite poor condition. In particular they had been upholstered over the show wood around the side of the seats.  The old upholstery was carefully removed.  All the old staples and tacks were […]
  • Leather armchair

    This chair had a damaged and perished surface finish that was stripped and then re-polished.  The old leather upholstery was removed and it was then re-upholstered in a leather that was perhaps more in keeping with the chair!
  • Cane chair with upholstered sprung cushion

    This chair had been inherited by the client and was in very poor condition.  The surface finish was in a perished condition with the cane back damaged and the cushion almost threadbare. The old cane work was removed and the surface finish stripped. Some repairs were then made to the frame before refinishing it in […]
  • Victorian Upholstered Nursing chair

    This chair was presented to me with a loose frame. It was clear that the tenon joints had failed and that it would be necessary to remove te old upholstery to establish the extent of the problem and to remedy it.  On removing the upholstery the chair was found to have live woodworm that had […]
  • Oak footstool

    A straightforward job but one which updated a very tired looking footstool.  The old rush was removed and the tired and perished surface finish stripped away.  It was then refinished to a deep satin finish and upholstered in a fabric.
  • Armchair

    The photograph on the left shows the chair more or less as it was provided.  It had been partly re-upholstered some 10 years ago and then abandoned.  The old covers are shown draped over the upholstery and they were used as a template. The chair had some of the re-upholstered areas improved and then it […]

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