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  • Cane chair

    The chair was in poor condition with a perishe and damed finish on the wood, a broken and fragile cane back and old fabric on the cushion. The old cane was stripped off and the lacquer on the frame removed. The chair was then refinished. The back was caned and the cushion was refurbished with […]
  • Replacement Sheet Cane

    Since the 1870’s a manufactured type of caning has been used in seat frames.  The cane strips are woven into panels.  These panels are soaked and then tampered into a groove in the seat frame.  Once damaged they cannot be repaired but will require the old panel to be removed and the groove cleaned out […]
  • Chair to be caned

    This delightful chair had been caned but that was damaged and the client required it to be re-caned. The surface finish was however very poor and it was decided to strip that off and to refinish it. The result looked great and it was then sent off for the caning.

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